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Ocean – Day 3

on September 19, 2014

This was a fun day! We had Tank back for the day, plus the little boys were off and Pooh’s sister came. We had more kids and lots of helpers. The chicks were a little disappointed that they weren’t going to the beach again, but they had a good time together.

For check in they had their names in their journals and ocean shapes with tangram blocks. Patterns were from this site, as was the bingo you’ll see later http://www.prekinders.com/ocean-theme/. Also had the puzzles out and their names in magnet letters.

girls club 006 girls club 004 girls club 003  We had a song and prayer and then sang “Slippery Fish” while they put the pictures up. They talked about the things they’d seen and done this week. We reviewed the “I can” sentences they worked on last week and added “see a” with ocean creatures. I was afraid it was too fast, but they didn’t disappoint. We progressed to magnetic letters and on to paper.

girls club 024girls club 009 girls club 010girls club 007

After all of that academic stuff they were ready for a break.

Our snack was also an idea from Prekinders with a little tweak for convenience. The kids used rolling pins to smash cereal in plastic bags and then put it in cups to look like sand. They scooped in blue jello and gummy frogs fish.

girls club 011girls club 012girls club 013girls club 014girls club 015 girls club 016 girls club 017While I cleaned up, the chicks’ second grade cousin read to them.

girls club 019 girls club 022

We played fish bingo to practice number recognition. It was kind of a mess.

girls club 020girls club 023

We read “Mister Seahorse” which was not only charming, but informative.It has see through acetate pages for the camouflage animals, and I had no idea how many fish daddies take care of the eggs/babies.

2014-09-19 16.08.532014-09-19 16.09.14

This game idea was a poem on the same website. When they hear a color they jump that fish into the boat.

The book was just made with Word clip-art to practice their new sight words. They drew a picture again for the last page.

2014-09-19 10.58.28girls club 021We went outside to do crayon resist ocean pictures, The chicks helped mix -up tuna and put in on crackers — Hey it’s fish… and that was the end of our day.


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