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Grandad and Grandma- Day 1

on September 22, 2014

I was a little stressed because I couldn’t find any good ideas on pinterest!  We started with our usual signing in in their journals. I added to the page Grandad’s first name so they could use Ch again, and Grandma’s name.  That was easy since one of the chicks is named after her.


For our opening activity I had a box with various objects that represented their jobs and hobbies.  Grandad worked as a painter.


He was also a fisherman.


Grandad was a boy scout leader and a nurse (pooh is holding a blood presser checker thing).  Grandma was a cashier at the PX and it’s not in the picture but we also had a needle and thread because she sews.  I have a crochet needle? but I couldn’t find it.  Grandma crochets too!  Oh and I had blocks to build a house because Grandad built houses for his family.


I asked the chicks to bring something for show and tell.  Hal brought a puka shell necklace with shells that they had picked.IMG_6334

Uniqua’s show and tell was a picture of Grandma’s old piano that they just got. IMG_0397

Pooh’s show and tell was a picture of her with Grandma at Grandma’s house.


We talked about Grandma being 93 and we counted out 93 bears then we counted out 4 and talked about which was more.


In the past few years Grandma has been making musubis for everyone whenever they come over.  So for lunch I made spam musubis : ).  Grandma makes delicious, crunchy, buttery chocolate chip cookies with macadamia nuts.  She told me it’s the Nestle Toll House recipe but I’ve made that recipe and my cookies are not like hers!  I wanted to learn by watching her so I asked her to teach us and packed up the chicks and some ingredients and to Grandmother’s house we went!  The chicks mostly wanted to play with toys and watch movies the cookie making was pretty much me and Grandma.  I used a different butter than she does and I didn’t let it come to room temperature.  My cookies were close, but not as good as hers.  I’ll have to keep trying!IMG_1638

I have the good fortune of being Grandma’s size so I have a few fun, vintage hand me downs.  I wanted to put the chicks in her old Chinese blouse and take pictures but we ran out of time.


One response to “Grandad and Grandma- Day 1

  1. kalaloa says:

    You had so many good ideas. I’m so impressed. FYI: she doubles the recipe, adds an extra egg, an extra stick of butter, and a little more flour (1/4-1/2) to balance out the extra wet ingredients. Kamana’o’ said, “Grandma cooks with love. Love = butter.”

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