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Grand-dad & Grandma – Day 2

on September 24, 2014

Disclaimer: I had more than the usual camera issues so the pictures are worse than usual.

This week’s theme is Grandma and Grand-dad who are the chick’s moms paternal grandparents.  We grew up very close to them.  We would go to their house whenever we could.

Pooh’s mom mostly focused on Grandma on Monday so I decided to focus on Grand-dad a little more.  He passed away when Uniqua and Hal were just a few months old and about a week before Pooh was born, so what the chicks know about him is from pictures and videos.  I was trying to figure out how to help them “know” him a little better.

After the normal routine, we talked about who Grandma and Grand-dad are.  We went over the family tree so they could see their connection to them.  I showed them pictures and told them stories.  I had to force myself to keep it simple.

70-501 70-5

Grand-dad was a fisherman and he was a master with the throw net or cast net.  Those that fished with him were always amazed at what he could do with the net.  He was able to form the net so that it would land around a piece of coral and catch the fish that seemed to far apart to catch with one throw.  He also sewed these throw nets.  As he grew older and slowed down a lot, you could almost always find him sewing a net.  I wanted to learn so a started one with him but he got very sick and I was never able to finish it.  I showed the incomplete net to the chicks and showed them the bamboo needle he made to sew the nets.

june07 133

My son and husband were the lucky recipients of their own throw nets.  Hal’s dad took the chicks out to the front yard to show them how to cast the net.  The chicks placed the wooden fish on the lawn and watched Uncle Joe cast the net.  Then they took turns pulling the net in.  Uncle Joe told the chicks about the tricks he learned from Grand-dad.


When we came in I showed the chicks videos of Christmas and Sunday dinners at Grandma and Grand-dad’s house.  We always had ice cream.  Even till today, all the great-grandkids (and grandkids) know that Grandma always has ice cream.  It seemed only natural that we make ice cream.  They were so hot and so ready for ice cream.


Pooh had to go to the doctor, but her sister took her place.



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