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Transportation – Day 2

on October 2, 2014

The chicks came well prepared for transportation day after their day with Aunty Corie. They had also attended the Air Show as guests of their Air Force uncle and aunty, the previous weekend, so along with names, transportation tangrams and puzzles, I ask them to make a picture of something from the air show and they dictated sentences about their pictures. Pooh’s older sister, on school break,  took the place of the younger one, so she was able to model a sentence on her own.

2014-10-01 00.33.51

After our opening song and prayer, we put on The Wiggles-“Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car” for a little bit of singing and dancing, (Too busy dancing to take pictures).

We talked about places they go and some ways to get there. These clever chicks came up with some fun, silly answers. We then read Sheep on a Ship for a little more silliness.

2014-10-01 02.19.56

Wanting to build on the sight words we’ve already covered, We reviewed “I can…” and “I can see a…” and then we got daring and added  “A ________ can go.” It was probably a mistake to change the sentence pattern so soon, but they recovered quickly and even spelled “can go” with magnetic letters. In their journals they cut and pasted to make sentences and then read them to me, We were supposed to wrap up with this little book, but it was under something and I missed it until they were gone.

2014-10-01 02.20.092014-10-01 01.35.57 2014-10-01 01.35.472014-10-01 02.19.492014-10-02 02.46.27

They were ready for a break and played inside and out.

2014-10-01 02.02.53 2014-10-01 02.02.31

I’ve always been crazy about trains and tried to recreate a favorite memory from my own four-year-old self, when my mama would help me line up chairs, pack a little suitcase with toys, clothes and a snack and make me a ticket. The hats were just an added touch.

Oct CG 008

While they rode and ate their snack, I came down the aisle to punch their tickets and showed them pictures from these two books. Hal, Pooh and her sister had visited us when we lived briefly in California with the train running along our back yard, so I tried to remind them of the freight trains that ran past.

Oct CG 0182014-10-01 09.23.13

They made name trains ( this one photoed with the letters turned over) and then matched different forms of transportation with air, land or water (This was from Kindergarten Nana-http://dbsenk.wordpress.com/category/themes/transportation/) and they all aced the concept. (Ooops – Ok, maybe that’s the “Magic School Bus”)

2014-10-01 02.31.59Oct CG 014

On the earlier break, the chicks assembled and glued stick airplanes. They were now dry and ready for paint.

2014-10-01 03.00.27 2014-10-01 02.59.54

We squeezed some math in during lunch as I told them about riding the bus downtown with my mama and putting the coins in the cool machine that spun and clunked them down. We had to have exact change so we went over “quarters” – the biggest silver one and “dimes”, the smallest. Thirty-five cents! Those must have been “the good old days”.


One response to “Transportation – Day 2

  1. Sheesh! This was a full day! I want to do the train with my girls tomorrow 🙂 And you’re so ON IT with the journals!

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