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Transportation – Day 3

on October 10, 2014

I had more ideas than time today.  We started with journals.  They wrote their names and the date, and then I had them continue the “I can see..” statement.  I told them to finish the sentence with a transportation word.  We had Pooh’s big sister and Tank today since they had the week off.  We stayed on the table for our opening song, prayer and stories because I had the living room all set up with our city.  Belle read our first book called Disney Cars: Go, Go, Go.  It features a bunch of different vehicles.  Then I read Easy Street.  This book has been a favorite with most of my kids.  It takes you through the construction of a new road.

Next I let them play in the city I built in the living room.  Each play area had a parking lot.  Their instructions were that they could drive their vehicle to the area in which they wanted to play, but they had to move on if the parking lot in that area was full.  They followed those instructions for about 3 minutes and then they just jumped from spot to spot.

IMG_2521 IMG_2522 IMG_2525 IMG_2526

We had a bat cave, princess castle, airport, farm, boat dock, and construction zone.  It was fun and they played really well today.  Hal and I decided to leave our masking tape road on the carpet for a few more days.

Next we made banana bread.  It has nothing to do with transportation, but I had bananas that were over ripe and we love banana bread.


I found this great (FREE) transportation printable here.  I didn’t get to use all the ones that I wanted, but this was at the top of my list.  I gave the chicks a list of transportation methods and matching pictures.  They matched the pictures to the words.  Other than Pooh’s sister, the chicks can’t read yet, but they were able to use beginning and ending sounds to figure it out.IMG_2532 IMG_2531

The last thing we did was to bring all our vehicles together in a pile.  We talked about what characteristics are.  We described a few different vehicles.  Then we talked about similarities and differences.  Then we sorted them.  I gave them the first idea.  They sorted by color.  Then I asked them what how we could sort them next.  They suggested wheels and no wheels.  After that one they sorted by air, land, and water vehicles.

IMG_2533 IMG_2535 IMG_2539

After taking the banana bread out of the oven and cheese sandwiches for lunch it was time do go home.


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