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Pirates-Day 3

on October 17, 2014

Last night I dropped off glass bottles for the chicks with a map to my house.  (I wanted to do a cute one but didn’t have time so I just printed a google maps one with directions from their house to mine.)  On the back I wrote a note reminding them to wear their pirate “garb,” a bandana and an eye patch.  They showed up with their garb and maps in hand, (literally, they didn’t wear it! : ) ).

They started with practicing their names in their journals.  After that I told them that pirates sing chanties, or pirate songs.  So they each picked a song for us to sing.


While they were writing I had hidden coins with letters on them, so after our opening chanties and prayer, we had a treasure hunt.  I had them lay out all their booty and look for the letters in their names.  Any extra letters they held up and said who in the group had that letter in their name.  I also threw in extra letters and asked them for a word that started with that letter.IMG_6410


We watched “How I Became A Pirate” on the tumble books website.  For snack I made paper boats, following this tutorial, and put goldfish in them.   Uniqua asked if she could keep her boat.  It was kind of wet and salty so she ended up throwing it away.  (Good thing I provided a link so her mom can help her make more!)IMG_6412

I got baby down during some playtime and had free hands to help them make these marshmallow pirates.  I put sugar and red food coloring in a plastic bag and mixed it up.  I had them draw their pirate faces with a food coloring marker.  (They were concerned about eating pen, so I reassured them that it was food coloring.)


Next they wet their finger, with water and wet the tops of the marshmallow so the sugar would stick.  Then they dipped the “heads” for bandanas.IMG_6414

Finally, I got this activity idea here.  I froze baking soda and water with a little jello powder.  The website says 3 to 1 baking soda to water but that was too much so I just added more water.  The Jello is for added color and smell.  I didn’t have enough squeeze bottles or droppers so I gave them each a bowl of vinegar with a “shovel.”  My two year old just put the “treasure chests” right into the bowl so she found her jewels first.  I gave them each a jelly roll pan to work on but it was a little messier than I thought it would be.  I wish I had given them aprons because they kept wiping their hands on their clothes.  They were excited to find their treasures and wash them.  Hal stayed and played with the leftover vinegar and chunks of frozen baking soda.  She said she was a” liquid scientist” making a “liquid potion.”  When she was done she called the other chicks to come see the “new liquid” she made.
IMG_6416 IMG_6417 IMG_6418 IMG_6419 IMG_6420 IMG_6421We had pizza for lunch and watched part of Ice Age: Continental Drift.  I skipped to the pirate part where they sing a chanty.  I heard the girls use the word when they were singing!



One response to “Pirates-Day 3

  1. such a fun day. loooove the frozen part.

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