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Pumpkins-Day 1

on October 20, 2014

I saw this pin on pinterest with a book we just got, “Pippa the Pumpkin Fairy,” so I was excited to do pumpkins.  I started out with the chicks signing in their journals and I gave them each 6 pumpkins cut out of orange card stock for a later activity relating to the book.  I told them to write the first letter of their name on each pumpkin.  So for Hal I told her “write one “H” on each  pumpkin”.  While they were  writing I was putting my baby down and Uniqua said “she’s writing a line one hers.”  So I came back and Hals pumpkins looked like this, (it’s a little hard to see)


So I asked what is this line for?  “That’s a one.” Ha!  “one “H”.”  So we did our opening exercises and read the book.  Pippa makes pumpkins with funny faces so I had them draw a face and then draw a matching face.  Then do another set of matching faces so that they could play a memory game.  Hal chose to draw the same face on all.  She accidentally drew one with three eyes and I told her that was fine, just make another one with three eyes so it has a match, then they all got three eyes,(I think it could be a nose).  Every turn is a winner!IMG_6423 IMG_6424


While I was getting snacks ready they were playing at the table.  Tinkerbell and her friends do this hand stacking thing and say “faith, trust and pixie dust.”  Pooh taught them “Faith, trust and Girls Club!”  Yay!IMG_6425Pooh had a little pumpkin that was starting to get moldy so I cut to open for them.  I pointed out the stem, meat, pulp and seeds.  They took turns feeling the slimy seeds.  Then we made pumpkin bread with chocolate chips with “pumpkin meat.”  This time Uniqua did her egg perfectly.  No shells and in the cup!  I used this, Downeast Maine Pumpkin bread recipe.
IMG_6428 IMG_6429

On Friday my first grader brought home a cute 3D pumpkin with the stages of the pumpkin life cycle on each side.  I couldn’t find it when I was preparing so I did a Pinterest search and found it here.  I kind of improvised and did my own drawings.  The girls did a good job with the gluing. I didn’t get a picture but I used a green pipe cleaner and had them curl it around a crayon and stick it in the center for a stem.IMG_6430 IMG_6431

My baby slept for almost 2 hours today so I was able to do more with them.  He got up near the end so I just gave them this bowl of beans with little plastic pumpkins to find.IMG_6432Then we watched some “Super Simple Learning” songs about pumpkins on YouTube.  The End.



3 responses to “Pumpkins-Day 1

  1. That looks like an AWESOME Pumpkin Day!! How did the bread turn out?
    Thanks for wrapping up with our videos. Hope everyone had fun. 🙂
    Super Simple Learning

  2. awww. The baby slept. That was the best part of the day!

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