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Halloween – Day 1

on October 27, 2014

Itʻs Halloween week and the chicks are already all sugared up.   Hal has been asking a lot about what is scary and good for Halloween.  She had a lot of bat and spider questions, so I decided to make that our focus today.

The chicks came in and I had a stack of shapes on the table.  Of course they started to guess what they were going to make with them.  Uniqua was determined to stay a step ahead of me.


I told them that they had to listen carefully and follow my instructions.  I told them how to place the shapes one by one.  I wanted them to practice listening skills and prepositions.  Poohʻs so proud!  They had fun making up their own creations with the shapes.

IMG_2599 IMG_2601

We “read” a book on bookflix to learn about spiders.

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 11.11.20 PM

Then we took what we learned and made a chart.  I labeled 3 columns: can, have, and are.  The chicks helped me fill in the chart with all they know about spiders, what they are, what they can do, and what they have.


Next we baked chocolate chip cookies.  Iʻm realizing that we bake a lot, but thereʻs always a point…most of the time.
There was this time.  This is what we were going for:

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 11.36.02 PM

I found this on Pinterest and was looking for instructions, but none of the links lead to anything but a picture.  This is what we ended up with:


At least they tasted good.

After last weekʻs paper pumpkin, I realized the chicks needed to practice their scissor skills, so we made witchʻs broom treat bag to hold our cookies.  The idea comes from Martha Stewart.  I love her crafts, but the instructions are often hard to follow.  I need visual aids.   Hopefully this helps.  Each chick needs 2 paper lunch bags.  One of the bags need to be flattened out like this:


Take your scissors and start at the opening of the bag and cut strips down to the base of the bag without cutting into the base.  Take the other bag and do the same thing, but the cuts are only going to be about 2″ long.  Place your treats into the second bag.  Wrap the first bag around the second and place a branch in the top of the bag.  Make sure the branch sticks out of the top of the bag and use string or twine to tie the top of the bag together and hold the branch in place.  I sent the chicks outside to find a branch to use on their broom bags, but Halʻs nose started to bleed and they came back up.  We used pencils instead.


During one of their breaks, the chicks decided to taunt Halʻs dad who was getting ready for work.  At first he just scared them, and they ran out of the room giggling.  Then he decided he would make it more Halloween-like for them.  They ran back in the room and were greeted with this:


They were done with that game!  (Uniqua tried to get the other chicks to go back with her, but they werenʻt having it)


3 responses to “Halloween – Day 1

  1. Pooh keeps talking about Hals bloody nose and her dad’s scary mask!

  2. Ralph Chun says:

    hal’s dad would scare me too!!!!!!!

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