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Make Believe- Day 2

on November 5, 2014

I had taken notes for the blog on my iPad, quotes from the girls and stuff.  I think a little girl must have somehow deleted it.

I asked each chick to come in a costume or something/one they wanted to make believe they were.  We started with a show and tell of their make believe costumes.
IMG_6457 IMG_6458 IMG_6459

For another activity, I had a bag with different objects and I had the chicks take turns picking something out and making believe they were something with the “prop.”  (This is where my notes of what they said would be useful.)  Pooh had a scarf.

Hal picked a stick, here she is using it as a violin bow.  So cultured!  Uniqua said it could be used for fishing, or an arrow, for Merida. : )
IMG_6462A toilet paper roll was a microphone and a telescope.  I think I also had a blanket in there and a jump rope.


I had seen apple pie play dough on Pinterest.  I got pie tins from Walmart, three for about a dollar, gave them aprons and let them make believe they were bakers.  They made believe they were drummers and dogs drinking water first.IMG_6464

It could also be a frisbee.IMG_6466 IMG_6467

During snack a put on a youtube video of a Disneyland parade.  We made believe we were at Disneyland!IMG_6469

Finally we made masks.  I took them aside and did them individually.  I let them pick two colors of glitter and had them put on the glue.  I spread it out thin and then let them sprinkle/pour the glitter on.  I did it over newspaper and just poured any excess back into the little jar.IMG_6470

They came out pretty fun!  I just used a paper plate.  After seeing it I wish I had gone with something more sturdy.  I cut out the mask shape and taped it to a chopstick.IMG_6471The End.


One response to “Make Believe- Day 2

  1. This might fall under one of their funnest days. I love all that you guys did with the pie tins. 🙂

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