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Make Believe – Day 3

on November 7, 2014

Our activities didnʻt exactly fit in the make believe theme, but I had to take a trip to Lā‘ie this week and thought the girls would enjoy seeing the Museum of Natural History at BYU Hawaii.   Poohʻs sisters came along with us today.

We started out at the Lā‘ie Hawaii Temple Visitors Center.  The chicks spent a few minutes watching the videos and playing the interactive games on the touch screens.  The Visitorʻs Center has become so technologically advanced. There are so many things to do that the chicks couldʻve spent a lot longer there.

IMG_2663 IMG_2666 IMG_2670 IMG_2672 IMG_2674

On our way out, one of the missionaries asked if the girls would like to listen to the audio that goes along with the Christus statue.  They loved it.  They all sat still and listened.


Next it was on to Brigham Young University – Hawaii Campus.  The oldest of the 25 cousins just started school there this semester so we made plans to meet up with her. (Weʻll call her Hiapo-first born. I hope she doesnʻt mind.)  On the way over, I told the chicks that we were on our way to see Hiapo.  They couldnʻt get over the fact that Hiapo lives at school, and not with her mom.  She met the chicks out in front of her dorm so they could see where she lives.  Sheʻs such a good oldest cousin.  Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when he sent her down first.

IMG_2680 IMG_2683

The Museum of Natural History was very small, but so fun.  The chicks loved it and could have stayed much longer.  Itʻs just one small room, but we still spent close to 45 minutes there.  They took a ton of pictures; all very cheesy.  Admission is free, but call ahead to make sure they donʻt have another tour scheduled.

IMG_2686 IMG_2692 IMG_2696 IMG_2701IMG_2690


We finished our day with a picnic lunch, provided by Aunty Corie, on the lawn in front of the dorm.  Then we got to take our college coed home for the weekend.  I think the chicks felt a little better about the living arrangements since she gets to come to visit her mom on the weekends.


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