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Helping Others-Day 3

on November 14, 2014

I had wanted them to do journals but we needed to get going on our mini-field trip so we just did opening song and prayer and theme discussion.  They had learned a primary song, When we’re helping at Uniqua’s house on Monday and Pooh has been singing it all week so we sang it filling in each chicks name for mother.

I looked for helping others ideas on pinterest.  One idea was to take toys for fire fighters to share with kids in emergency situations.  As luck would have it, my bother is a fire fighter and his watch was on during my day for girls club, and, they were having a neighboring school tour that we could jump in on.  Instead of a show and tell item I had each chick bring a toy they could share.  My brother asked that it be small, no bigger than a gallon sized ziplock, so that it could be stored on the truck.  I talked to the chicks about what we would be doing with the toys and they were happy to be doing it.  I made baked mochi and put it in a container, wrote “thanks for helping others,” on it and had the chicks sign their names.


They were super excited to see their crazy uncle. They gave him the toys and then he took them on a tour.  My First grader had been there on a field trip a couple weeks ago and her teacher had given them a thank you card.  The chicks found her in the picture!



They got to see where he sleeps and see pictures of Tank in his locker, that was exciting for them too!



They met a fire fighter in full gear, they do this so that kids won’t be afraid of them in an emergency situation.  I think they were still a little nervous!


There’s a cute “Elmo’s World” in which he talks about people who’s job it is to help others.  I didn’t get to look it up but we talked a little bit about fire fighters, doctors, police…

Back at my house, I did this cute matching game I found here.  I just drew the pictures and tried to copy hers.


IMG_6473They matched pictures of helping activities to the places you do them.  For example, putting away dishes goes in the kitchen picture.  Saying kind words or giving a hug could be anywhere.

I wanted them to have more cutting practice so I made a table of helping tasks and had them cut them out and fold them.  Then they put them in a jar (old puffs containers) and then decorated them. Foam stickers are great!  I wrote “When I’m helping I’m happy” on each jar and told them when they feel sad or bored they can pick something from their jar to do and feel better.  Some of the tasks were help mom by putting away 5 toys, thank dad for something he does for you, give your sister a hug…

IMG_6491 IMG_6493





One response to “Helping Others-Day 3

  1. I love that they got to see Tank’s pictures in the locker. And Pooh’s sister.

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