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Helping Others : Day 2

on November 16, 2014

I had asked the chicks to bring a canned good for the community Christmas basket project, so they gave me those when they arrived. While they were signing into their journals, doing puzzles and folder activities, I pulled them one at a time to make painted hand prints for a later project. It took longer than I planned so they busied themselves with “Bear Hunt”.

After song, prayer and a couple more songs, we reviewed their activities from Day 1 and talked about ways we can help others. We read this book – “Giving” which talks about the tangible/intangible, positive/negative things that we give to one another.

IMG_0910 (2)


After a short “recess” we started our rolls for snack and for Grandma. We just doctored crescent rolls with butter and cinnamon, but they did a great job brushing on the butter and spreading the cinnamon. Even our mascot chick was able to roll up the dough.

2014-11-12 01.51.39 2014-11-12 01.51.32

As the rolls were baking we went over all of the sight word sentences we’ve covered so far and added on the word “help”, to make “I can help….”. In their journals they traced the words and made pictures of things they do to help.

2014-11-12 03.37.50

While the chicks had “Dramatic Play” – (I didn’t assign that – that’s just what they were doing—very imaginative, very dramatic) – I cut out the hands for hugs (They did these their first year with Aunty Kyra and sent them to us in California). They each had two hugs – one for a sick friend and one for a missionary. We talked about who they were going to and took a picture to send along.

2014-11-12 02.45.59

The rolls were ready, so everybody hunted down slippers and headed across the street to Grandma’s house, stopping for some photo ops.  Grandma was vacuuming, but all of their bell ringing and yelling brought Aunty Kyra to the door.

2014-11-12 02.49.32 2014-11-12 02.51.57

Here’s Grandma was some of her chicks.

2014-11-12 02.55.14

After a short visit, we rushed back to eat lunch and they watched a very helpful elephant in “Horton Hatches the Egg” – This was a YouTube of the actual book with narration, but well done and truer than the 50’s cartoon,

2014-11-12 03.37.26

Epilog: The sick friend was wrapped in each of the hugs by his wife and they were appreciated as a bright spot.


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  1. You guys always get so much done!

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