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Dr Seuss-Day 1

on March 2, 2015

We started with songs and a prayer.  To start our “circle time” I told them it was someone’s birthday.  I gave the chicks some clues and they made guesses.  Mostly cousins.  I was surprised that when I said his name they knew he wrote “The Cat in the Hat.”  They also named “The Foot Book” which was perfect because that was the other book I was gonna use today!  I read them “The Cat in the Hat Comes Back.”  I asked if they noticed anything about the words and read a couple lines.  Uniqua guessed opposites which I thought was a good guess.  I gave a more obvious example and they guessed rhyming.  I found this word family activity here.  The link for free printables kept taking me to weird sites so I just followed her pictures and made my own.IMG_6648 IMG_6649 IMG_6650

I gave each chick a word family (the bottom of the hat) then I went through the strips of words and they told me whose hat it went to.  When we were done Uniqua laid down and said “look at my hat.”  So cute!

(Beam in my own eye.  When Uniqua got dropped off I said it looks like she’s wearing sleep clothes.  As I’m blogging and looking at the pictures my chicks are in their lovely pjs too!)IMG_6651 IMG_6653

I saw some cat in the hat snacks that skewered strawberries and bananas.  I didn’t have a chance to get bananas but found Nilla wafers in my pantry. Less healthy but good! IMG_6654

Hal said she doesn’t eat strawberries, Pooh and Uniqua were more than happy to have them.  Then Hal told me “I don’t eat, what is the green stuff?”

Me, “the leaves, I cut them off.”

“No, what was the stuff I had at night?”

I smiled, “fruits and vegetables?”


After that I read “The Foot Book.”  We talked a little about opposites and then I traced their feet.  I meant to have the chicks cut them out  but forgot and cut them myself.  Then I gave them tape and told them to tape them around so that we could follow them.  


I should have been more specific.  I told them to put them on the floor around the island.  I played “Shake it Off” and they ran, walked and jumped in circles around the island, trying to stay on the feet.  This idea came from here. IMG_6660 IMG_6661 IMG_6662

At the end we ate lunch and took pictures.IMG_6663 IMG_6664 IMG_6665 IMG_6666Happy Seuss Day!



One response to “Dr Seuss-Day 1

  1. haha…sleep clothes are way more efficient. And you got great pictures!

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