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Presidents’ Day/ America- Day 2

on March 14, 2015

This is awful because I pretty much forgot to take pictures. During opening activities, the chicks colored pictures of the two famous presidents. After a quick review of Washington and Lincoln, they did a coin sorting activity that I got at crisscrossapplesaucelearning.blogspot.com, but can no longer access and we also soaked pennies in plain water, soapy water and vinegar with salt to see what would happen.

2015-02-25 10.22.182015-02-25 10.18.372015-02-25 10.19.05 We then read books about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln

2015-02-25 10.24.362015-02-25 10.25.01 We went over some of the vocabulary we’ve learned to read and added flag sentences. (They did Fl words on Monday). They read and colored their books.

2015-02-25 11.28.212015-02-25 10.22.46

Their stars were made by clipping strips into squares and gluing them on the traced star and then gluing the cutout over the top.


One response to “Presidents’ Day/ America- Day 2

  1. I love the money activity!

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