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Feelings – Day 1

on April 22, 2015

Just 3 chicks today and, Yay! we had Jordan to help. The girl’s were very excited to have their senior cousin to help them with their games and projects and to offer a snuggle. For sign in the chicks cut out faces that reflected how they were feeling at the moment to glue in their journals, Uniqua was surprised, Hal, happy and Pooh was a little sad, missing, Daddy at work.

Wanting to start positive, we began with “happy”, singing “Smiles” before the prayer, followed by “I am Like a Star” and “If You’re Happy and You Know It”. We read Dolly Parton’s book “I Am a Rainbow” We also watched a YouTube video of the Daniel Tiger song “When You Feel So Mad That You Want to Roar” and sang along.2015-04-20 12.28.35

and then played “How Do I Feel” with cards I got here. They liked taking their card to Jordan for coaching on faces.

2015-04-20 00.51.55


2015-04-20 00.51.45


2015-04-20 00.52.18


2015-04-20 00.48.04


2015-04-20 00.48.20


2015-04-20 00.49.41


2015-04-20 00.51.05


2015-04-20 00.49.49


2015-04-20 00.48.27


We read this book about Happy and started on a book of feelings that I got here.

2015-04-20 12.28.542015-04-20 00.55.162015-04-20 00.54.47

By now the tide was really low and we couldn’t resist a quick venture in Grandma’s “front yard”. We saw a few fish and fire worms and they wanted to collect shells.

2015-04-20 01.38.372015-04-20 01.43.152015-04-20 01.39.10

2015-04-20 01.52.05

It was overcast and the water was cold so we didn’t last too long. We ate lunch early read a couple of  Angry books and finished up their books. We talked about kind ways deal with anger. A counselor friend gave me this article on helping preschoolers understand and deal with emotions and I found it very insightful.

2015-04-20 12.29.182015-04-20 12.30.10

Forgot to mention that the chicks also made cards and hugs for their mainland cousin who has been sick for many weeks. We talked about how we can do things to help others feel better and that’s what they wanted to do. Jordan helped them compose their messages.

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