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About the 4 chicks

We are 4 sisters who happen to have a daughters born within 8 months of each other.  We are stay at home moms who value family and work together to give our children the best opportunities and experiences while helping each other survive motherhood.

How do we do it?  We have “Girls Club” 3 times a week for three hours a day and rotate.  Each mom gets one day a week for 3 weeks and the fourth week off.  By the time we pick them up, they’ve been worn out, fed, and are ready for a nap!

Because it’s a crazy world out there, we’ve opted not to use the chicks’ real names.  Plus it’s a popular thing to do in the blog world 🙂  No mom here really named her daughter, Tank…or Uniqua.

Hal is Hal because Tank had a hard time with her real name when she was even smaller than she is now.  So, Hal stuck.  Her mom is, Kailani.

Tank, well, her mom says that despite being the biggest (physically) of the 4 chicks…she has both her mommy’s stubbornness and her daddy’s determination to be the best…a great combination to take on whatever comes her way:)  Her mom is, Kyra.

Pooh Bear eats her food like he (the REAL Pooh Bear) eats honey.  And she loves him and her mom loves them both: )  Her mom is, Corie.

Uniqua is Uniqua simply because she decided that that’s what her name was for a few days.  Uniqua…the character from Backyardigans.  Her mom is, Emmie

These are our four chicks!



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  1. […] healthy eating is a bit tricky with this group.  After all, Pooh Bear’s mom, Corie is a pastry chef!  When I have a chocolate craving, I call her.  She always has something on […]

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