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Theme: Colors Day 3

on September 28, 2012

Yay!  It’s my turn for girls’ club.  As the girls came in I had them go to the table to draw a little.  I asked them about the colors they were using.  The girls are so funny.  The colors they say are their favorites are very different than the ones they use.

We started with a short opening and circle time, ( I thought I took picture). Next we had a short discussion about what we already learned about colors and back to the kitchen for a color mixing experiment.  We had three jars, one with each of the primary colors.  We used coffee filters to connect the colors and allow them to mix.  There was something wrong with my Target coffee filters. They didn’t let the colors bleed much.  Guess I should’ve practiced this. Even though it didn’t quite work, the chicks were excited.  We had to help the color mixing along a little. Yes, my table is covered in plastic wrap.  I learned this from Emmie and it makes clean up a breeze.

At this point the chicks were ready for a snack and a break.  Uncle Joe was making waffles.  It was a little distracting.  After their snack they took off to Hal’s room to play.  What we’ve noticed with the two-year-olds is that sometimes it works better if we do things with them one on one.  So while the others were building, I brought them one at a time to the table to make their butterflies.  We started with our defective coffee filters and painted them with water colors.  The colors didn’t bleed as well as they did when I did this with my older kids…years ago , so we had a to work a little harder to cover the whole butterfly. I was trying to get the chicks to pick pretty colors and they kept going back to brown and black.

As you can see from Pooh’s tears, we still have a little fight club going on.  Someone took her coffee filter.

After letting our wings dry, we added a clothes pin and a little bling.  Tah-dah!

Hal has teenage siblings. Poses come naturally now.


2 responses to “Theme: Colors Day 3

  1. tmom says:

    That was fun.

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